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In the heart of Myrtle Creek, Oregon

revitalizing our community one seed at a time. 

Redbarn Cannabis is located in the heart of Myrtle Creek.  We like to say that our company is “born and raised” in Oregon as the seed of this cannabis enterprise started with a small idea for a single med-dispensary in our community.  Since then, with the help of local and state key influencers and government officials, this seed has grown into a vertically-integrated “tree” of a business with its branches finding a place in virtually every segment of the cannabis industry.   


As the licensing regulations continue to move forward in Oregon, we are thrilled to be perfectly positioned to service our community and surrounding areas with dispensaries, production and wholesale capabilities. Our choice to set-up shop in Myrtle Creek was purposeful.  We wanted to help revitalize an area that was once a thriving mill community full of good, hard-working people.   With new jobs being created, tax revenues being generated and community initiatives underway; we are on a clear path to achieving that goal.


If you ask the locals, I’m sure they will tell you that "we are paintin' the town red"…literally!  Our dispensary, lab, production and headquarters are all new and improved red (barn) buildings. Nostalgically, our main 20,000 sq.ft production facility is an old sawmill that we've brought back to its former glory days. We are proud to be gentrifying our community with beautiful new structures that enhance the aesthetics of our town to match the natural beauty that surrounds it. As we continue to expand the company into other areas and communities, we will always be grateful to have our Myrtle Creek home.


The Redbarn Team 


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